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Strengths and Weaknesses of Machine Learning Approaches

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which computational systems learn from their own experiences in order to make decisions. Rather than hardwiring in a system’s responses to inputs, it is designed to work out for itself how to complete certain tasks. The more example data the system is given the better the results will usually be. These systems are especially good at solving problems that would usually require a human brain such as recognising and classifying images, handwriting recognition, facial recognition, natural language processing (understanding spoken and written language including idioms and sentiment, sometimes language translation), self-drive cars, spam email and fraud detection, and medical diagnosis...

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Rutherford Research joins the Catalog of Covid-19 Suppliers

Rutherford Research has been accepted as a government supplier for solutions to battle Covid-19

Improving your health, wellbeing and resilience against COVID-19

Below are five key messages for you, your families and communities on how we can both make our lives better and also improve our chances for survival, even when stuck at home, relating to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe....

The messages are broken into five categories, all of which may help improve resilience against the potentially fatal consequences of COVID-19. These are focused on physical resilience however will positively impact on both your emotional and mental health.

One of the key things that these pointers address is how to improve your ability to breathe more effectively. This is really important as most of the serious effects of COVID-19 come from the impact it has on our ability to breathe.

The five categories that are addressed are:

1.) Breathing;
2.) Aerobic Fitness;
3.) Drinking and Diet;
4.) Avoiding Toxins; and;
5.) Strength...

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Rutherford Research Founded!

After nearly a decade working with many inspiring, valued colleagues and customers of Rescon Technologies, Dr. Dawson and Dr. Gilbert exited the business on 1st March 2020, having taken it from startup to aquisition. They founded new consultancy vehicle Rutherford Research the very next day. We are very excited about this new venture!


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